The Widow’s Story

Avant-garde and unapologetic drag queen The Widow Von’Du is a legendary figure in the drag community. Coming to the spotlight with her appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race’s 12th Season in 2020, the Kansas City queen became a name to remember. Already established as a versatile entertainer, with a background in theatre and being a host of the popular Drag Survivor show, Widow Von’Du entered the competition with confidence.

Von’Du’s time on the show saw her becoming one of its most memorable contestants. Known for her extraordinary lip-syncing talents, her rendition of “Starships” has since accumulated nearly 5 million YouTube views. With no problem speaking her mind, the fearless drag queen was also subject to numerous controversial moments in the show, resulting in the growth of a massive and dedicated fan base. Following her exit, Von’Du became an outspoken advocate against online bullying towards the show’s contestants, especially those of colour. She has also spread her influence to become a fierce advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement. 

With a following of over 230 thousand on Instagram, her voice is respected in the drag community and does not go unnoticed. Most recently, the talented entertainer released the album THE, which includes the highly successful track “Yes Bitch! She Might Be!” which has reached nearly 100 thousand streams and 140 thousand views. An inspiring figure, The Widow Von’Du has become one of the most prominent and exciting drag queens of her generation with only greater things to come.

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